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Oracle® Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Help
11g Release 1 (11.1.1)
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What Are Cause & Effect Maps?

A cause & effect map lets you illustrate the cause and effect relationships of an objective or KPI that is listed in the "Strategy pane." (Note that cause & effect maps are diagrams that are used in scorecard and are not related to map views that are described in Chapter 3, "Adding Views for Display in Dashboards.")

Figure 12-17 shows an example of a cause & effect map for the Improve Financial Results objective.

Figure 12-17 Example of a Cause & Effect Map

This image is described in the surrounding text.

You create cause and effect relationships for:

A cause and effect map also indicates the proportionality (that is, whether changes in performance or value in the cause and effect relationship are directly proportional (direct) or inversely proportional (inverse) and strength (strong, moderate, or weak) of cause & effect relationships using symbols.

A cause & effect map helps you to better understand the implications of future strategic changes.

You can create a cause & effect map in either Edit or View mode:

Best Practice:

Create cause and effect linkages to automatically show operational metrics and dependencies.

See "Creating Cause & Effect Maps" for additional information on creating cause & effect maps.