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Oracle® Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Help
11g Release 1 (11.1.1)
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What Are Strategy Maps?

A strategy map shows how the objectives that have been defined for a scorecard and the KPIs that measure their progress are aligned by perspectives. It also indicates cause and effect relationships between objectives and other objectives or KPIs with connecting lines. You create cause and effect relationships when you create (or edit) an objective (see "Creating Objectives") or work with KPI details (see "Working with KPI Details"). You also can create cause and effect relationships in a strategy map.

Figure 12-16 shows an example of a strategy map for Eden Inc.

Figure 12-16 Example of a Strategy Map

This image is described in the surrounding text.

You can create multiple strategy maps to represent the strategy of different areas of your organization.

You can create strategy maps in Edit mode only. See "Using the Edit and View Modes in the Scorecard Editor" for additional information about the Edit and View modes.

See "Creating Strategy Maps" for additional information on creating strategy maps.

Best Practice:

Ensure that associated objectives and KPIs relate to each other and identify cause and effect relationships. Review these relationships periodically to identify areas that might need improvement to increase collaboration and communication, thus impacting existing objectives and KPIs.