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Oracle® Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Help
11g Release 1 (11.1.1)
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Assigning Weights to Child Objectives, Initiatives and KPIs

You assign weights to the child objectives, initiatives, and KPIs of an objective or initiative to indicate how much it affects the performance of its parent objective.

To assign weights to child objectives, initiatives, and KPIs, the Assessment Rule for the parent objective or initiative must be set to Weighted.

See "Understanding Initiative or Objective Performance Assessment" for additional information on objective and initiative performance.

To assign weights to child objectives, initiatives and KPIs of an objective or initiative:

  1. Edit the scorecard that contains the parent objective or initiative of the objectives, initiatives, and KPIs to which you want to assign weights. See "Opening or Editing Scorecards" for additional information.

  2. Open the parent objective or initiative. To do so, double-click the objective in the in the "Strategy pane" or the initiative in the "Initiatives pane."

  3. In the Objectives & KPIs or Initiatives and KPIs watchlist of the "Analytics pane," enter a weight for each child objective, initiative, or KPI.

    For example, in the Objectives & KPIs watchlist shown in Figure 12-13, these weights have been assigned to the four child objectives of the root objective Eden Inc Scorecard:

    • Improve Financial Results: 50%

    • Enhance Customer Satisfaction: 25%

    • Streamline Operations: 15%

    • Increase Empl Effectiveness: 10%

    Figure 12-13 Example of Weight Assignments in the Objectives & KPIs Watchlist

    This image is described in the surrounding text.
  4. Click Save.