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Oracle® Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Help
11g Release 1 (11.1.1)
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Defining Assessment Mappings for Scorecards

You use the "Settings dialog: Assessment Mappings tab" to define the assessment mappings for a scorecard.

See "Understanding Initiative or Objective Performance Assessment" for additional information on initiative and objective performance assessment.

To define assessment mappings:

  1. Edit the scorecard for which you want to define assessment mappings. See "Opening or Editing Scorecards" for additional information.

  2. Click the Scorecard Settings toolbar button in the Scorecard editor.

    The "Settings dialog: Assessment Mappings tab" is displayed.

  3. In the Score Threshold fields, enter the numeric values that set the boundaries for the assessment ranges.

    For example, you might enter 33 and 66 to set the boundaries for three assessment ranges — Critical, Warning, and OK. Any KPI score from 0 to 33 would fall in the Critical assessment range, any KPI score from 34 to 66 would fall in the Warning assessment range, and any KPI score from 66 to 100 would fall in the OK assessment range.

    Best Practice:

    Accept scores automatically assigned by the KPI editor, which are based on the number of thresholds. See "Creating KPIs" for additional information.

  4. In the Assessment Range boxes, specify the name of each assessment range (for example, Critical) and, for each range, specify the icon and the color to be used to represent the range.

  5. Click OK.