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Oracle® Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Help
11g Release 1 (11.1.1)
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About Comments

Collaboration between users is essential to gain a consensus in order achieve the stated and desired results. Comments (also known as annotations) enable you to discuss changes in performance and progress for an initiative, objective, or KPI for a specific set of dimension values (that is, for a specific point of view).


Before you can work with comments, your administrator must enable this feature. See "Configuring the Repository for Oracle Scorecard and Strategy Management" in Metadata Repository Builder's Guide for Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition for additional information.

You can add, view, and reply to comments in many places in a scorecard. For example, you can add a comment directly to an objective in the "Scorecard editor: Objective Details tab." You can also add a comment to an objective in the Diagram tab of a view, a smart watchlist, and a perspective in which its referenced. You cannot delete KPI annotations.

A comment is associated with:

Best Practice:

Use annotations and overrides to increase employee collaboration, participation, and accountability, and to prevent future occurrences of identified deficiencies.

See "Working with Comments" for additional information about how to work with comments.