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Oracle® Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Help
11g Release 1 (11.1.1)
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Creating Initiatives

You can create one or more initiatives. Initiatives that you create should be measurable using KPIs and strategically relevant.

See "What Are Initiatives?" for additional information about initiatives.

To create an initiative:

  1. Edit the scorecard for which you want to create an initiative. See "Opening or Editing Scorecards" for additional information.

  2. In the "Initiatives pane":

    • If the initiative that you want to create can be independently implemented, then select the root initiative.

    • If the initiative that you want to create is required to meet a higher-level initiative, then select the higher-level initiative.

  3. Click the Create Initiative toolbar button or right-click and select Create Initiative.

    The "Scorecard editor: Initiative Details tab" is displayed. Figure 12-10 shows an example of an initiative displayed on the Initiative Details tab.

    Figure 12-10 The Scorecard Editor: Initiative Details Tab

    This image is described in the surrounding text.
  4. Highlight the default initiative name in the top left corner of the tab and enter a new name for the initiative.

  5. In the Description field, enter a description of the initiative.

  6. Specify the analytic information (including the KPIs to be used to measure the progress of the initiative) by completing the "Analytics pane." See "Completing the Analytics Pane for Objectives or Initiatives" for additional information.

  7. Specify the collaboration information by completing the "Collaboration pane" as follows:

    1. (optional) Add comments by clicking the Add Comment button to display the "Add Comment dialog." See "About Comments" for additional information.

    2. Specify the business owner that users can contact by clicking the Set User button to display the "Select Business Owner dialog." (By default, the business owner is the creator of the scorecard.)

    3. (optional) Add related documents by clicking the New Row button in the Related Documents toolbar to display the "New Related Document dialog." Also see "Related Documents area" for additional information.

    4. (optional) Add the key resources by clicking the New Row button in the Key Resources toolbar to display the "Key Resource dialog."

  8. In the "Related Items pane," add one or more objectives that require this initiative in order to succeed.

    To add an objective, drag the objective from the "Strategy pane" and drop it in the Objectives table.

    The"Objective Linkage dialog" is displayed, where you specify how closely the initiative and the objective are related and whether changes to the values in this initiative have a direct or inverse impact on this objective.

  9. Click Save.

Best Practice:

Use initiatives to track major milestones as a closed loop by assigning strategic objectives, taking remedial action by monitoring KPI targets and metric results, and using annotations and related documents for collaboration.