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Oracle® Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Help
11g Release 1 (11.1.1)
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How Are an Object's Permission Assigned?

The permissions for a folder, Oracle BI Publisher object, or other objects are assigned by either the object owner, the content designer, or the catalog's administrator. Before someone other than the content designer can assign permissions to an object, that person must have been given ownership of the object, granted the Change Permissions privilege by the Presentation Services administrator, and have been given the Change Permissions object permission, which is listed in the "Custom Permissions dialog." For more information about setting the Change Permissions privileges, see "Managing Presentation Services Privileges" in Security Guide for Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition.

When the content designer creates an object and saves it to a folder, the object inherits the permissions that are set on the folder. After the object is saved, the content designer can display either the catalog's "Tasks pane" or the object's More... link, locate the object, access the "Permissions dialog," and modify the object's permissions. If the object's Read-Only property, which is set on the "Properties dialog," is selected, then no one other than the owner can modify the object's permissions. This read-only setting essentially trumps any permissions that are set in the Permission dialog.

When working with an object, you use the Permissions dialog to assign who gets which object permissions in the following ways: