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Oracle® Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Help
11g Release 1 (11.1.1)
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What Results are Returned from a Full-Text Catalog Search?

When you use the full-text catalog search, it locates those objects that have been crawled and indexed and for which you have the appropriate permissions. To prohibit an object from being indexed, make the appropriate setting in the object's "Properties dialog."

The list of full-text search results includes any objects that match the criteria, for which you have at least the "Open" permission. If an object is stored in a folder, then you must have the "Traverse" folder and "Open" object permissions. Note that objects with the "No Access" permission are not available.

Results for Oracle Secure Enterprise Search Integration

For full-text searches using the Oracle Secure Enterprise Search integration, the string that you are searching for is displayed in a highlighted manner, such as bold font or a colored background. In some cases, you might not see the string in the list of results. This happens when the string is used by the object but is not part of its object name or path name. The string is included in the definition of an object, such as in the columns that are specified as part of the analysis.

For example, suppose that the Oracle BI Presentation Catalog contains an analysis that uses a dashboard prompt that accepts Central Region as a value. Suppose you search for "Central" with the full-text catalog search. The returned list includes the analysis that uses the prompt that accepts Central Region as a value. If you click that analysis in the list, then you see that analysis open so that it is filtered by Central Region using the prompt, because that is what you searched for.

Results for Oracle Endeca Server Integration

For full-text searches using the Oracle Endeca Server integration, your search results display in the catalog area of the "Catalog page," and attribute categories for your search results display in the Search pane. Figure 13-1 shows an example of Oracle Endeca search results for Eden Inc. Note the attribute categories, which are Type, Author, Name, and Modification Date.

Figure 13-1 Full-Text Search Results

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You can use the attributes categories to filter and browse your search results. Figure 13-2 shows the filtered search results for Eden Inc where the Type attribute value is "Analysis" and the Name attribute value is "Master Detail Events Linking." Note that the selected attribute values display in the Search Filters area of the "Search pane" and that you have the option of removing any or all filters from the filter criteria.

Figure 13-2 Full-Text Search Results Filtered by Attributes

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