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Oracle® Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Help
11g Release 1 (11.1.1)
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What Is the Oracle BI EE Home Page?

The Home page provides a starting point for performing tasks in Oracle BI EE. The Home page is divided into sections that allow you to quickly begin a specific task, locate an object, or access technical documentation. It also includes sections (for example, Recent and Favorites) that allow you to quickly access objects that you have recently viewed, created, or updated, and objects that are accessed the most often by the users assigned to the groups to which you belong.

Figure 1-3 shows an example of a Home page.

Figure 1-3 Example of a Home Page

This image is described in the surrounding text.

For specific information about each area on the Home page, see "Home page."

Depending on what has been configured as your starting page, you might be presented with the Home page when you sign in to Oracle BI EE.

Otherwise, you can always navigate to the Home page by clicking the Home page link in the global header. For information on the global header, see "What Is the Oracle BI EE Global Header?"