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Oracle® Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Help
11g Release 1 (11.1.1)
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Disabling and Enabling Agents' Schedules

You can temporarily disable (and then enable) an agent's schedule. Disabling an agent's schedule stops the agent from running on its defined schedule. It does not stop it from being run by other means, for example, by the Run Agent Now toolbar button in the "Agent editor."

Disabling an agent's schedule is useful if you have defined a schedule for an agent but find you want to stop it for a certain period of time.

In addition, an agent's schedule may be temporarily disabled by default. For example, if you copy a folder that contains one or more agents, then the schedule of each agent copy is disabled by default, and the agent does not run on its defined schedule until you enable it.

To disable and then enable an agent's schedule:

  1. In the global header, click Catalog and navigate to the agent whose schedule you want to disable or enable.

  2. Click the More link for the agent and select one of the following options:

    • Disable Schedule to disable the agent's schedule

    • Enable Schedule to cause the agent to run on schedule again

You also can disable and enable an agent's schedule by using the Enabled box in the "Agent editor: Schedule tab."