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Oracle® Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Help
11g Release 1 (11.1.1)
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Customizing Your Agent Subscriptions

Suppose an agent has been set up to allow users to customize the subscription and the agent uses an analysis that includes a prompted filter for either its condition, the delivery content, or both. You can customize the filter values for the conditional analysis, the delivery content analysis, or both to suit your needs.

To allow users to customize an agent subscription, you must select the Allow Subscribers to Customize Agents option in the "Agent editor: Recipients tab."

To customize an agent subscription:

  1. In the global header, click Home. The "Home page" is displayed.

  2. In the Browse/Manage. . . area, click My Agent Subscriptions.

    A list of the agents to which you are currently subscribed is displayed. (Note that agents that you have been designated a recipient of are not included in this list.)

  3. Navigate to the agent whose subscription you want to customize.

  4. Click the More link for the agent and select Customize Subscription.

    The "Customize Subscription to Agent dialog" is displayed.

  5. Customize the prompted filters or the parameters as needed. (Depending on how the agent has been set up, you can customize the prompted filters or the parameters for the condition, the delivery content, or both.)

    To customize a prompted filter or parameter:

    1. Click the Modify the operator/value for this parameter button.

      The "Edit Parameter Filter dialog" is displayed.

    2. Edit the values as needed.

    3. Click OK.

  6. Click OK in the Customize Subscription to Agent dialog.


The customized filter values that you set in the previous steps are not automatically displayed in agent results. To display the customized values, see "Displaying Customized Filter Values in Agent Results."

Displaying Customized Filter Values in Agent Results

If you have customized filter values in an agent subscription and want to display the filter values in the agent results, then you must add a Filters view to the analysis.

To display customized filter values in agent results:

  1. Edit the analysis that is being customized.

  2. Display the "Analysis editor: Results tab."

  3. Add the Filters view to the analysis. For how, see "Adding Views to the Results of Analyses."