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Oracle® Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Help
11g Release 1 (11.1.1)
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Creating Agents

Use the following procedure to create an agent.

To create an agent:

  1. In the global header, click New and select Agent.

    The "Agent editor" is displayed.

  2. In the "Agent editor: General tab," specify the priority of the content that the agent is to deliver and how to generate the delivery content (that is, what user to run the query as).

  3. In the "Agent editor: Schedule tab," specify whether the agent is to be run based on a schedule, how often it runs, and when its running is to start and end.

  4. In the "Agent editor: Condition tab," specify whether the agent always delivers its content and executes its actions, or conditionally delivers its content and executes its actions.

    For more information on conditions, see Chapter 9, "Working with Conditions."

  5. In the "Agent editor: Delivery Content tab," specify the content to deliver with the agent, such as a dashboard page or a saved analysis.

  6. In the "Agent editor: Recipients tab," specify who is to receive the delivery content of the agent and who is allowed to subscribe to the agent.

  7. In the "Agent editor: Destinations tab," specify where the content is to be delivered.

  8. In the "Agent editor: Actions tab," specify one or more actions to execute when the agent finishes.

  9. Save the agent. See "Saving Agents."

    After you have saved the agent, you can run the agent by clicking the Run Agent Now toolbar button. This is helpful, for example, to test the agent.