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Oracle® Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Help
11g Release 1 (11.1.1)
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Creating Links to Dashboard Pages

You can create links to dashboard pages, if allowed at your organization. For more information about creating links to dashboard pages, see "About Creating Links to Dashboard Pages."

To create a link to a dashboard page:

  1. Open the dashboard in which you want to create a link to a dashboard page. For information, see "Opening and Using Dashboards."

  2. Navigate to the page for which you want to create a link.

  3. Click the Page Options toolbar button on the dashboard page and:

    • To create a bookmark link, select Create Bookmark Link.

    • To create a prompted link, select Create Prompted Link.


    The administrator can control the display of the Create Bookmark Link and Create Prompted Link options by settings in the instanceconfig.xml file and by setting privileges. For more information, see "Enabling the Ability to Create Links to Dashboard Pages" in System Administrator's Guide for Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition and "Managing Presentation Services Privileges" in Security Guide for Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition.

    If you drill in an analysis that has been set to replace the dashboard with the new results (rather than show the new results directly in the dashboard), then the Create Bookmark Link option is displayed as a link below the new results rather than as an option on the Page Options menu. (To specify how drilling works in an analysis, you use the Drill in Place option on the Properties menu for a section. For more information, see "Properties Buttons for Objects."

    The link is displayed in the Address Bar of the browser. If the link is a:

    • Bookmark link, then you can save it as a bookmark or copy and send it to other users.

    • Prompted link, then you can manually or programmatically manipulate the link. For how, see "What Are Prompted Links?"