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Oracle® Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Help
11g Release 1 (11.1.1)
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Specifying the Settings for Conditions

You must specify the settings for a condition in either the New Condition, Create Condition, or Edit Condition dialog, when you create or edit a condition as described in the following sections:

To specify the settings for a condition in the New Condition dialog, Create Condition dialog, or Edit Condition dialog:

  1. In the Create condition based on box, select whether the condition is to be based on an Analysis or KPI.

  2. For:

    • (optional) An analysis, edit any prompted filters, as desired.

    • A KPI, specify the values for any KPI dimensions.


    If you specify values for any prompted filters, then these values cannot be overridden at the point of use.

    You cannot pin multiple values for KPI dimensions when creating a condition.

  3. Specify the evaluation criteria as follows:

    • For an analysis, in the Condition true if number or rows area:

      • In the Operator box, select the operator to apply to the row count.

      • In the Row Count box or boxes, specify the row count to be evaluated.

    • For a KPI, in the Condition true if KPI box, select the KPI status.

  4. (optional) Click Test to test the condition.

  5. If you want to save the condition as:

    • An inline condition, click OK.

    • A named condition, click Save to display the "Save As dialog," where you can save the condition by name to the catalog.


      If a condition is based on an analysis or KPI that is private, you cannot save it in the /Shared Folders folder.