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Oracle® Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Help
11g Release 1 (11.1.1)
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New Global Variable dialog

Use this dialog to add (or modify) a global variable to a formula in the "Edit Column Formula dialog: Column Formula tab."

For more information, see:

This dialog is also displayed as:

Edit Global Variable dialog



Use this text box to enter a name for the global variable. For example, gv_region, date_and_time_global_variable, or rev_eastern_region_calc_gv. See Table 2-1 in Chapter 2, "Syntax for Referencing Variables" for syntax requirements.


Note that the name for a global variable must be fully qualified when referencing the variable, and therefore is prefixed by the text "global.variables". For example, a global variable set to calculate revenue displays in the Column Formula dialog as follows: "Base Facts"."1- Revenue"*@{global.variables.gv_qualified}


Use this list to specify the data type for the global variable. There are five data types:


Use this text box to specify the value for the global variable.

The following are some examples: