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Oracle® Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Help
11g Release 1 (11.1.1)
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Column Properties dialog for BI Composer

Use this dialog to perform the following tasks in the "BI Composer wizard -- Create Analysis: Select Columns panel":

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Column Name

Use this field to enter a new name for the column.

Column Formula

Use this field to enter a simple formula for the column.

You can edit the formula for an attribute column or a measure column. This editing affects the column only in the context of the analysis and does not modify the formula of the original column in the subject area. (This functionality is not available for hierarchical columns.)

A column formula specifies what the column values represent. In its most basic form, such as "Base Facts"."1-Revenue", a column takes the data from the data source as is. You can edit the formula to add functions, conditional expressions, and so on. This editing enables you to present analysis results in a variety of ways. For example, suppose that you want to perform what-if analysis and show what the revenue might be by product if you increased revenue by 10%. You can see this increase by changing the formula for the Revenue column to show the revenue increased by 10%.


There are no predefined column formulas or functions available for BI Composer.