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Oracle® Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Help
11g Release 1 (11.1.1)
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Analysis Properties dialog: Data tab

Use this tab of the "Analysis Properties dialog" to specify how data is to be handled in an analysis.


Include Null Values

Use this check box to include null values in your analysis when the entire row or column contains all nulls. When this check box is selected, null values will not be suppressed for the analysis. This turns off null suppression for all views and applies to the entire edge (that is, the row and columns axis) of the analysis. See "Understanding Null Suppression" for additional information.

Display of Columns Added in Criteria Tab

Displays options to specify how columns that are added to an analysis from the "Analysis editor: Criteria tab" after displaying the analysis results are handled:

Hierarchy Display

Use the buttons within this area as follows, to control the placement of a member total for hierarchical columns in this analysis:

Placement of added members

Use the buttons within this area as follows, to control how members are added to hierarchical columns in this analysis using selection steps:

For more information on selection steps, see "Creating Selection Steps."