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Oracle® Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Help
11g Release 1 (11.1.1)
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Edit Dimension Settings dialog

Use this dialog to set up the control for a dimension in the point of view area of a scorecard. Specifically, you can specify:

For more information, see:



Displays the name of the dimension in the database, for example, "A - Sample Sales"."Products"."P1 Products".


Use this field to enter a user-friendly label for the dimension's point of view control when no specific value has been set for the dimension. For example, you might enter Products for the dimension "A - Sample Sales"."Products"."P1 Products". Note that you do not need to specify a label for:

Default Value

Use this box to select one of the following options:

If you select one or more values and:


Use this box to specify whether a control for this dimension is to be displayed in the point of view area of the scorecard:

Prompted By

This box is available only if you have deselected the Prompted box. Use this box to select the dimension whose control in the point of view area this dimension is to share.