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Oracle® Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Help
11g Release 1 (11.1.1)
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Strategy Tree tab: Diagram tab

Use this tab of the "Scorecard editor: Strategy Tree tab" to view an objective and its supporting child objectives and KPIs hierarchically in one of the following types of diagram:

For more information, see:

Components for the Strategy Tree Diagram


Displays a tree diagram for the objective.


Bird's-eye View

Displays an overhead view of the tree diagram. The white box focuses on the nodes that are currently in view in the diagram area.

If (and only if) all of the nodes do not fit in the content pane, then you can drag the white box to scroll the diagram.

Components for a Strategy Contribution Wheel Diagram

Information Pane

Displays information about the current node (that is, the node over which the mouse pointer is hovered or, if the mouse pointer is not hovering over a node, the selected node, which has a dark outline).

To change the location of the Information Pane, drag it to the desired location. This location is only temporary and will not be saved.


Displays a strategy contribution wheel diagram for the objective.


Focus trail

Displays a group of small circles that represent the node in the center of the strategy contribution wheel and any of its ancestors that are included in the diagram.

Use the focus trail to change the focus of the strategy contribution wheel up to an ancestor by double clicking the circle that represents the desired ancestor.

Node Options Menu

The Node Options menu is displayed from the Options button on a node (that is, a representation of an objective or KPI) in a view diagram. The options that are available depend on the type of view and can include the following:

The right-click menu of an objective and KPI also contains these options.