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Oracle® Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Help
11g Release 1 (11.1.1)
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Style and Conditional Formatting dialog: Style Formatting tab

Use this tab of the "Style and Conditional Formatting dialog" to format a graph based on the position of graph elements.

For more information, see:


Graph Element Tabs

Displays tabs for each graph element to which you can apply formatting. Click a column tab to display the positions that are currently formatted.

Custom Formatted Positions

Displays the positions that have been formatted for the element.

To specify a color for a position, click the down arrow in color box to display the Color Selector dialog.


If you specify 0 for the width of a line, then the legend marker changes from the default line marker to symbol markers for the line and for other lines in the graph (for example, the symbol markers are shown as the legend markers for all the lines in the graph).

Add new position

Use this button to add a new position entry to the Custom Formatted Positions table.

Remove selected position

Use this button to remove the selected position entry in the Custom Formatted Positions table. To select an entry, click the first column in the entry row.