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Oracle® Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Help
11g Release 1 (11.1.1)
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KPI Watchlist editor: Performance tab

Use this tab of the "KPI Watchlist editor" to create a KPI watchlist. When you add a KPI to the watchlist, you add an instance of the KPI. You can then assign default dimension values to the KPI's instance. From this tab you can also modify the KPI stored in the catalog, or view the KPI instance as an analysis.

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KPI Watchlist

Lists the KPIs whose performance you want to monitor.

Use this watchlist to manage these KPIs. For more information about watchlists, see "Watchlists."

To add a KPI to the watchlist:

The "Add KPI dialog" is displayed, where you pin dimension values or assign a label for this usage of the KPI.


Within a scorecard, the dimension settings you make in the "Settings dialog: Dimension Settings tab" do not affect the dimension values for the KPIs in the watchlist. (For more information on dimension settings, see "Setting Up the Point of View Controls."

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