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Oracle® Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Help
11g Release 1 (11.1.1)
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Scorecard editor

Use this editor to create a scorecard of your entire organization or of individual departments.

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Point of View

Displays dimensions of KPIs that are used in the Scorecard to measure the progress and performance of initiatives and objectives. Use this area to pin values for the dimensions. See "About the Point of View Area" for additional information.


Use the "Strategy pane" to create, organize, and leverage the objectives that form the strategic structure, also called a strategy tree, of the corporate entity (for example, department) to evaluate using KPIs or to drive by initiatives.


Use the "Initiatives pane" to create, organize, and leverage the initiatives that are the tasks required to achieve objectives. You can monitor the progress of initiatives by assigning KPIs.

Scorecard Documents

Use the "Scorecard Documents pane" to create diagrams and views that provide different depictions of strategy dynamics and structures (for example, cause & effect maps and strategy maps).

You can also use this pane to build custom maps to present scorecard data and define mission and vision statements that articulate the overarching goal of the entity that you are scorecarding such as your organization or department.


Use the "Catalog pane for Scorecard" to locate and drag and drop objects from the catalog to build a scorecard. For example, you might select a predefined KPI and drag it to the objective or initiative whose progress it measures.


Use the "Perspectives pane" to modify the default perspectives defined by the Balanced Scorecard Methodology, create custom perspectives, and delete perspectives.

Tab area

Displays tabs for the objects that you choose to view, create, or modify (for example, initiatives, strategy objectives, and strategy maps), including:


The toolbar contains the following buttons: