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Oracle® Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Help
11g Release 1 (11.1.1)
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My Account dialog: BI Publisher Preferences tab

Use this tab of the "My Account dialog" to modify the Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher preferences.

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Report Locale

Use this box to select a locale for reports. This locale can be different than the locale that you specified in the "My Account dialog: Preferences tab."

The reports that you view and create use the locale that you specify here. The locale usually corresponds to the language that you specify in the User Interface Language field that you selected in the "My Account: Preferences tab" or the country from where you are working. For example, your specified language is English and your locale can be English - United States or English - Canada. The locale that you select determines the date and time formats, daylight saving time settings, and currency formats settings.

Report Time Zone

Use this box to select the time zone to apply when viewing or creating reports. This time zone can be different than the time zone that you specified in the "My Account: Preferences tab."

This option is useful if you do not reside in the same physical location as the default time zone that was set by the administrator, and you want to select another time zone.