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Oracle® Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Help
11g Release 1 (11.1.1)
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Settings dialog: Assessment Mappings tab

Use this tab of the "Settings dialog" to define the score thresholds and assessment ranges to be used for scoring scorecard objects.

For more information, see:


Score Threshold

Use this field to enter the numeric values that set the boundaries for the assessment ranges.

For example, you might enter 33 and 66 to set the boundaries for three assessment ranges — Critical, Warning, and OK. Any KPI score from 0 to 33 would fall in the Critical assessment range, any KPI score from 34 to 66 would fall in the Warning assessment range, and any KPI score from 66 to 100 would fall in the OK assessment range.

Assessment Range

Use this field to enter the name of each assessment range (for example, Acceptable).


Use this button to display the "Replace Icon dialog," where you select the icon to represent each assessment range.


Use this button to display the color dialog, where you select the color to represent each assessment range.

Threshold Menu

Displays the following options:

Add Threshold

Use this button to add a score threshold and assessment range below the last score threshold.

Score Decimal Places

Use this box to specify the number of decimal places to include in scores. (Note that when a score is displayed in a gauge, the decimal places are not included.)