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Oracle® Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Help
11g Release 1 (11.1.1)
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Initiatives pane

Use this pane to create, modify, and delete initiatives.

For more information, see:

This pane is part of the "Scorecard editor."


Initiative Tree

Displays the initiatives that have been defined for the scorecard and the KPIs that measure their progress hierarchically. It also shows the statuses of initiatives and KPIs using the appropriate colors and symbols that you specified for assessment mappings. For more information on assessment mappings, see "Defining Assessment Mappings for Scorecards."


This toolbar contains the following buttons:

Right-Click Menu for an Object

Displays options for working with an object. See "Right-Click Menu for Objects in the Initiatives Pane and Strategy Pane."

Right-Click Menu for Objects in the Initiatives Pane and Strategy Pane

The right-click menu for objects in the "Initiatives pane" or the "Strategy pane" provides a number of options that allow you to work with the objects in the pane. For example, you can open objects, delete objects, or reorder objects using cut and paste operations.

The options vary depending on the type of object, whether the object is in the Initiatives pane or Strategy pane, and whether the Scorecard editor is in edit or read-only mode:


The guidelines for reordering objects in the Initiatives pane and Strategy pane are as follows: