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Oracle® Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Help
11g Release 1 (11.1.1)
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Edit Background Map dialog

Use this dialog to edit a map from the Background Maps tab of the "Administration: Manage Map Data page." Before editing a background map, add layers using the Layers tab. A background map is a non-interactive map that serves as a base for the map view. It might display a satellite image or a map with roads. (A background map is referred to as a "tile" in MapViewer.)

For more information, see "Administering Maps" in System Administrator's Guide for Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition.



Use this field to enter the name of the map.


Displays the location of the background map in the data source from MapViewer. Click the Location button to display the "Import Background Maps dialog" for importing a different map. If you select a background map that includes a different number of zoom levels, then the zoom levels are automatically adjusted for the layers that are associated with the map by scaling their ranges.


Use this field to enter a description of the map, which is displayed in the following locations:

Interactive BI Layers and Feature Layers area

Use this area to specify the available map layers from either an Oracle Database or other non-BI associated content (known as a Feature layer) and their zoom level. The first time that you display this dialog after adding a map, this area lists any appropriate layers that are specified on the Layers tab, with their default zoom level settings.

A Feature layer is used to overlay predefined styles on maps and is indicated by an icon with a small yellow and black diamond.

The layers are listed from bottom to top, in terms of how they are applied to the map. A sample order is Countries, States, Cities. The lower level layers generally have the lower zoom levels. For example, if you have a States layer and a Cities layer, then include lower zoom levels for State than City.

This area contains the following components:

Map area

Use this area to specify how the map is displayed to users. Use the panning and zooming controls to affect the display of the map. If you hover over the zoom slider, then you see tooltips that specify the names of the layers that are currently associated with that zoom level.