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Oracle® Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Help
11g Release 1 (11.1.1)
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Results tab: View Selector editor

Use this editor of the "Analysis editor: Results tab" to edit a view selector view, which enables users to select a specific view of an analysis from among the saved views. For example, users can select to display a graph view for the analysis.

For more information, see "Editing View Selector Views."



Use this field to enter a caption for the view selector.

Format Caption

Use this button to display the "Format Caption dialog," where you format the caption.

Caption Position

Use this box to select a position for the caption — Left, Above, or Right.

Available Views

Displays the views that are available to be included as choices in the view selector. Select a view and click the right arrow to move it into the Views Included area.


The None view shows the view selector only.

Views Included

Displays the views to be included as choices in the view selector. To change the order of the view in the list, select a view and use the up and down arrows. To remove a view from this area, select a view and click the left arrow.


The toolbar contains the following buttons:


Use this button to save your edits and return to the compound layout view.


Use this button to restore the settings in effect prior to your edits.