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Oracle® Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Help
11g Release 1 (11.1.1)
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Text Properties dialog

Use this dialog to specify properties for a text object that you are adding to a dashboard page. If you have the appropriate privileges, then you can enter HTML tags into the object.

For more information, see "Adding Content to Dashboards."


Bold, Italic, Underline

Use these buttons to apply Bold, Italic, or Underline to characters in the text object.

Line Break

Use this button to insert a line break between characters in the text object.

Contains HTML Markup

Use this option to work with HTML codes, as described in "Working with HTML Markup."


Use this field to enter the text to include on the dashboard.

The name that you assign in the Dashboard editor is the name that is used for the text object in the Oracle BI Presentation Catalog.

You can reference variables in this field. For the syntax to use, see "What Is the Syntax for Referencing Variables?" For more information on variables, see "Using Variables."


Use this button to view how the text is formatted on the dashboard in the Preview area box. If you make any changes, then you can click Preview again to see the results.