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Oracle® Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Help
11g Release 1 (11.1.1)
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Selection Steps pane

Use this pane to create and modify steps for selecting data. The steps in this pane apply to all views for the analysis. You do not have to display the editor for a particular view to edit its selection steps.

For more information, see "Working with Selections of Data."

This pane is part of the "Analysis editor: Criteria tab," the "Analysis editor: Results tab," and certain view editors. This pane is not visible on the Criteria tab until you click the toolbar button to display it. The contents of this pane are displayed slightly differently on the Criteria tab if a column selector view is in use. See "Editing Column Selector Views" for information.



Use to select the columns or measures to view in the pane. You can view all columns and measures, just measures, or specific columns.

Column Area

Use to indicate the start of the list of steps for each column. For hierarchical columns, the name of the hierarchy is included with the column name. This area includes the following types of steps:

Save Selection Steps

Click this button to display the "Save Selection Steps dialog" where you save the steps for the column or hierarchy level as a group. This button is available only when you have more than a single Start With step in the list for a column. This button is not available if you try to save a set of steps as a group and one of the steps includes a calculated item.

Then, New Step

Click this link to display the following options:

Name of Group or Calculated Item

Click the link for a group or calculated item to display one of the following dialogs: "Edit Group dialog" or "Edit Calculated Item dialog."

Selection Step Toolbar

The selection step toolbar is the collection of buttons that displays when you hover over a selection step within the list of steps. It can include the following buttons: