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Oracle® Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Help
11g Release 1 (11.1.1)
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New Calculated Item dialog

Use this dialog to create or edit a calculated item or a group.

For more information, see "Working with Groups and Calculated Items."

This dialog is also displayed as:

Edit Calculated Item dialog
Edit Group dialog
New Group dialog



Not all components are available in each version of the dialog.

Display Label

Use this field to specify the label for the calculated item or group when it is displayed in a view. This label can differ from the name under which the object is stored in the Oracle BI Presentation Catalog.

Values From

Use this box to select an attribute column or hierarchical column, which is included in the analysis, whose values you want to use for the calculated item or group. This field is read-only if you displayed the dialog from the Layout pane or from a location in which a column was previously selected.


Use this box to select the function for the calculated item. Many of the functions are those described in "Aggregation Rules and Functions."

In addition, you can select Custom Formula, which provides a toolbar with which you select mathematical operators to include in the function for the calculated item. You can also enter the following functions: Absolute, Ceiling, Floor, Round, Sqrt.

A formula creates a dynamic custom grouping within the view. All measures referenced in a formula must be from the same column and must be present in the results. Formulas can be inserted into, or combined with, other calculated items.

Instead of specifying a named item for attribute columns, you can specify $n or $-n, where n is an integer that indicates the item's row position. If you specify $n, then the measure is taken from the nth row. If you specify $-n, then the measure is taken from the nth to the last row.


Use this area to select members to move to the Selected List area. The "Catalog pane" is displayed so you can select members or groups from there. When you move a member to the Selected List area, it is displayed with a green check mark beside it in the Available List area.


Use this button to display the Search area of the "Select Values dialog," where you can locate members.


Use this area to view the values that you have selected from the Available area and moved to the Selected area. If you selected Custom Formula, then use the toolbar of mathematical operators at the bottom to create the formula for this calculated item. Use the following operators:


Use this button to display the "Edit Format dialog" where you format the calculated item or group. If you apply formatting in this dialog, this formatting is applied first, then conditional formatting is applied.

Add to

Use these option buttons to apply the calculated item to either the Current View (the specific view that is currently active) or to All Views (all views within the Compound Layout).

Remove calculated item members from view

Use this box to suppress the display of the members that you have included in the calculated item in the current view or all views (depending on whether Current View or All Views is selected). For example, suppose that you have a pivot table that is displaying Region on the row edge, and it is currently showing the values Eastern, Western, and Central. Suppose that you create a calculated item called "Other Regions" that is the sum of Western + Central. If you select Remove calculated item members from view, then only two members are shown in the pivot table: Eastern and Other Regions.

If you select this box for a custom formula, then an implicit remove selection step is created using the items from either the custom formula or from the Selected list.

Selection Steps

Use this tab to see the steps that are saved as a group, if you select the Steps button. This tab is available only if you are editing a group that you have previously saved as a list of selection steps.


Use this tab to see the members that have been specified by the selection steps.

Steps (generate results dynamically at run time)

Click this button to save the selection steps for a group. The results of the selection are refreshed at runtime.

Results (generate results now and display every time)

Click this button to save a group as a list of members, rather than as a list of steps.