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Oracle® Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Help
11g Release 1 (11.1.1)
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Link or Image Properties dialog

Use this dialog to specify properties for a text link or image link that you are adding to a dashboard page.

For more information, see "Adding Content to Dashboards."



Use this field to enter the text to display for the text link or image link.

Entering a caption for an image link is optional. If you do enter one, then you must also specify, in the Image Layout box, where the caption is to be displayed relative to the image.


Use this field to specify what is to happen when the user clicks the text or image:


Use this box to specify whether the information is to be displayed in the Current Window or in a New Window for the browser.

For every action except sending mail and executing a program, you can control how the link should be displayed. Select the current window when you want the action to occur in the display pane of the dashboard. This leaves the dashboard active but in the background. Choose a new window when you want the action to take place in a new browser window. This opens another instance of the browser.


Use this field to enter the location and name of the image to be displayed. Specify the location as a URL. These are examples:


If the image is not on the local server, then the URL must include http://. If the image is for use in a shared environment, then ensure that the image is located on a network drive that is accessible to all users.

Image Layout

Use this box to select where to display the image, such as to the right or left of the caption or above or below the caption, if you entered a caption.