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Oracle® Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Help
11g Release 1 (11.1.1)
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KPI editor: Dimensionality page

Use this page of the "KPI editor" to add or remove KPI dimensions. This page also enables you to pin one or more values to a dimension.

Dimensions are based on attribute columns and hierarchical columns and determine how Oracle BI EE aggregates data in the KPI. For example, if you are creating a KPI for product sales, you could add dimensions that allow the user to view sales by both a specific region and a specific year.

Note that almost all KPIs should include a Time dimension (see "Creating KPIs" for additional information), except constants or metrics defined only to be current snapshots like "Inventory On Hand" or "Current Phone Support Wait Time." It is not necessary to pin the time dimension to a specific value. It is a best practice to leave Time unpinned within the KPI definition. For more information, see the below description for the Value field. An unpinned Time dimension enables a dashboard or scorecard user to select the time period to display and enables the creation of trend and historical charts or tables.

For more information, see:

This page is also displayed as:

Scorecard editor: KPI tab



Displays the column name that you chose for the dimension. To add a dimension to the KPI, click the Add button.


Use the down arrow to browse or search for and choose one or more values to filter the dimension. When a user views the KPI, the filtered or "pinned" value or values aggregate the KPI.

Select is prompted to do one of the following:

Select Search to display the "Search Members dialog," where you search for one or more values to pin the dimension.

Note that when the designer pins a dimension value, that value cannot be changed when a user adds the KPI to a watchlist or scorecard. Only the designer or user with the appropriate permissions can access the KPI editor to modify a dimension's pinned value.

Oracle suggests that you create KPIs that are not pinned in their initial definition.


Use to access the KPI's subject area where you can select another attribute or hierarchical column as a dimension.


Use to delete the highlighted dimension from the KPI.

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