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Oracle® Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Help
11g Release 1 (11.1.1)
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KPI editor

Use this editor to create and modify KPIs that monitor your company's performance and goals. The KPIs that you create define performance targets and evaluate the performance of objectives and initiatives.

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This editor is also displayed as:

Scorecard editor: KPI tab


General Properties

Use the "KPI editor: General Properties page" to enter the business owner, the actual value, the target value, and to turn on trending to compare KPI values with those from a previous period.


Use the "KPI editor: Dimensionality page" to specify dimensions that determine how Oracle BI EE aggregates data in the KPI.


Use the "KPI editor: States page" to specify the performance thresholds and range of values that determine how KPI performance is evaluated and represented. Also use this page to create action links for the KPI.

Related documents

Use the "KPI editor: Related Documents page" to attach any relevant document or business intelligence object stored in the Oracle BI Presentation Catalog.

Custom Attributes

Use the "KPI editor: Custom Attributes page" to create custom columns for the KPI.

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