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Oracle® Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Help
11g Release 1 (11.1.1)
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Insert Filter dialog

Use this dialog to add a SQL FILTER function to a column formula in the "Edit Column Formula dialog: Column Formula tab."

For more information, see:


Filter Function Area

Displays the SQL function in the form:

FILTER(expr USING filter_expressions)


Use this area to define filter_expressions by adding a single filter expression or building a complex filter statement using multiple filter expressions.

For each filter expression to add, select a column from the Subject Areas pane. The "New Filter dialog" is displayed where you create the filter to add to the filter expression.

As you define the filter_expressions, you can use the following:

Subject Areas

Use the "Subject Areas pane" to select columns to add to the filter expression.


Use the "Catalog pane" to select filters from the catalog to add to the filter expression.