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Oracle® Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Help
11g Release 1 (11.1.1)
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Image Map Prompt Properties dialog

Use this dialog to specify information for the map column. For more information, see "Creating an Image Prompt" and "Other Prompt Types."



Use this field to enter a caption for the image map prompt. The caption is displayed as the prompt's field label. For example, "Click a region to see sales data." You can include HTML markup tags in the caption, such as <b>, <font>, and <table>.


Use this field to enter a description that is saved with the prompt. Descriptions are displayed when an administrator uses the Catalog Manager.

Image URL

Use this field to specify the location of the image file.

The image file must reside on a Web server. Oracle recommends that you put the image files in the directory that contains all Web resource files (for example, app\res\region3.jpg). Placing the image files with the Web resource files prevents a security warning message from displaying when the user accesses the image from the dashboard or analysis.

However, if you are using a Web server, such as WebServices, where the resource files are located in the deploy directory, then you must put the image file in the deploy directory and the directory that contains all Web resource files.

You can reference variables in this field. For the syntax to use, see "What Is the Syntax for Referencing Variables?" For more information on variables, see "Using Variables."


Use this field to specify the HTML <map> tags. In the map tags, you indicate the map region's shape, X and Y coordinates, and region name.

Extract Image Map from HTML

Use this link to extract the values that you specified in the HTML <map> tags and put them in a table where you can link the regions to data columns and values.