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Oracle® Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Help
11g Release 1 (11.1.1)
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Agent editor: Destinations tab

Use this tab of the "Agent editor" to specify where content is to be delivered.

For more information, see:


Home Page and Dashboard

Use this box to specify whether content is to be delivered to the Home page and dashboard pages. (For how content is delivered as an alert to the Home page and dashboard, see "What Are Alerts?")


Use this option to specify whether content is to be delivered to specified devices. If you select this option, then you must select one of the following options:

Oracle BI Server Cache (For seeding cache)

This option is available only for administrators who have been granted the Manage Catalog Groups privilege.

Use this option to specify whether to seed the cache.

Administrators can create Server cache for individual users. The cache seeding operation enables administrators to run analyses on dashboard pages or analyses that are stored in the catalog, and to create a Server cache. This speeds up response time for users when they actually run the analyses on the dashboards. If data exists in the cache for a given analysis, then the data is deleted and refreshed when the agent runs.

The cache for the analysis or the dashboard page is created at the appropriate schedule for the indicated set of users.


To have the cache created for each user, select the Run As Recipient or Specified User box in the General tab.

Generally, if you are using the analysis that you have specified as the content for this agent to seed the cache, then you do not select any other user destinations (such as Email).