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Oracle® Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Help
11g Release 1 (11.1.1)
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Provides links to initiate the most popular creation tasks by category (for example, Published Reports or Actionable Intelligence). Click the More link to access a list of the category's other creation tasks. Oracle BI EE populates this list of categories based on what is installed on your company's system and the pieces to which you have been given the rights to access.

Browse /Manage...

Provides the ability to search the folders and objects to which you have permission to access. You can click the Catalog Folders [Search] link to access the catalog search interface where you can search for an object by name, location, and type. For more information about the catalog and how to search it, see "Managing Objects in the Oracle BI Presentation Catalog."

This section also gives you the ability to quickly perform pre-defined searches of the catalog by clicking any link. For example, click My Scorecards to access a list of all of the Scorecard objects located in your My Folders location. After you click a link, the Catalog page displays and contains the results of your search, as well as the pre-defined search's criteria defaulted into the Search fields.

Get Started...

Provides links to information and tools that will acquaint and help you with Oracle BI EE and other related Oracle technologies. Note that your administrator can customize this section to meet the informational needs of the users.

This section contains the following links:


(This section is available only when one or more alerts are delivered to the Oracle BI EE Home page.)

Displays your alerts (up to a maximum of five), including the priority (High, Normal, or Low) and last delivery date and time for each alert.

To view the latest occurrence of an alert, click its name. The "Alert dialog" is displayed, where you can view information about the alert and the content of the alert. You can also edit and run the agent that generated the alert, if you have the appropriate permissions.

Each alert has the following links:

If more than five alerts have been delivered, the View All Alerts link is displayed. Click this link to display the "Alerts dialog," where you can view and manage all your alerts.

To configure an agent to deliver an alert to the Home page, you must select the Home Page and Dashboard option on the "Agent editor: Destinations tab." For more information about creating agents, see "Creating Agents."


Contains two sections:

The links that are included with an individual object (for example, Edit and Properties) are displayed based on the object's type and your permissions for that object. For example, if you can view but not edit a dashboard, only the Open link is displayed with the dashboard. If a dashboard that you created displays in this section, then the Open and Edit links display with the dashboard. Click the More link to access a list of additional dashboard options, such as Properties.

Most Popular

Contains a list of recommended objects that other users with your same role viewed. You have not accessed these objects yet but may find them useful. Oracle BI EE compiles this list of recommendations by determining which objects similar users have accessed and compares those objects to your list of recently accessed object. Oracle BI EE includes only items to which you have the view permission. Only items saved to the Shared Folder display in this list.

The links that are included with an individual object are displayed based on the object type and your permissions for that object. For more information about how Oracle BI EE determines the object's links, see the Recent component in this topic.