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Oracle® Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Help
11g Release 1 (11.1.1)
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Graphics dialog

Use this dialog to select images to display for the following:

You can select a standard image or manually enter a path to a custom image.


No Image

Use this box to indicate that no image is included in the column's layout. If you are creating a KPI threshold, select this option to display only KPI values and omit symbols that reflect performance levels or states.

Custom Image

Use this field to specify a custom image to include in the column's layout or with the KPI threshold. To do so, enter one of the following:


If you are trying to save an object that uses the fmap syntax, then you must have the Save Content with HTML Markup privilege. See "Managing Presentation Services Privileges" in Security Guide for Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition for information on privileges.

The custom image should be one that is accessible to all users who view or edit the scorecard.

Custom images can be used for both conditional and unconditional column results.

Select Standard Image

Use this pane to select an image distributed with Oracle Business Intelligence. To select an image, click the option next to the image to include in the column. These images are useful in conditional formatting, such as meters and trend arrows. The left pane shows the categories of images. When you click an image category, the right pane shows the images in that category.

Image Placement

Use this field to specify where you want the image to be displayed relative to the column's data or heading.

Select Choose Image Only if you want the column to contain the image without the text. Choose Default to use the image's default position, which is usually to the left of the column's data or heading.