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Oracle® Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Help
11g Release 1 (11.1.1)
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Folder Properties dialog

Use this dialog to add a view of a catalog folder and its contents, such as saved analyses, or a list of briefing books to a dashboard page. For example, if you have a collection of saved analyses that you run frequently, you can open the folder in the dashboard, navigate to a saved analysis, and click it to run it.

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Displays the path to the folder whose view you want to add to the dashboard page, for example, /Shared Folders/Briefing Books. Click the Browse button to display the "Open dialog," where you select the folder.


Use this option to specify whether to show an expanded view of the folder.

Show RSS Link

Use this option to specify whether to add an RSS feed option to the folder.

The RSS feed option enables a user to access the dashboard's catalog folder from an RSS 2.0 compatible reader that supports HTTP basic authentication. If Oracle BI Presentation Services uses HTTPS protocol, then the RSS Reader that you use must also support the HTTPS protocol. An RSS reader is a third-party program that enables the user to aggregate information from different web-based locations into one browser window (for example, news feeds or events listing).

When the RSS link is added to the dashboard's catalog folder, an XML button that provides the catalog's URL is displayed for that folder. When a user accesses a catalog folder from an RSS reader, the reader prompts the user to log in to the Oracle BI Server.

You can include an RSS feed option to a catalog folder that is displayed on a dashboard page. Users must have the proper privilege to add the RSS feed option to a dashboard page's catalog. The RSS Feeds privilege is granted by the administrator.