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Oracle® Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Help
11g Release 1 (11.1.1)
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Edit Column Formula dialog: Bins tab

Use this tab of the "Edit Column Formula dialog" to perform "binning," which enables you to combine values for the column into sets. For example, suppose that the Region column has a value EASTERN. You can specify "My Home Region" instead as the text that displays for that value in the view that displays that column's data.

Binning differs from groups in that groups allow the view to display each member that is part of the group. For information, see "What are Groups?"

For more information, see "Editing the Formula for a Column."


Add Bin

Use this button to display the "New Filter dialog," where you can create a filter expression to display as a CASE statement in the Formula area of the "Edit Column Formula dialog: Column Formula tab."

You can combine multiple values or ranges of values from a given column into bins. When you add and name the bins, all instances of the various values that comprise the bin in the result set are replaced by the bin name. Aggregations are performed accordingly as well. For example, you can specify that all values over $10M are displayed as "My10M."

Bins List

Displays the list of bins that you have created for this column using the Add Bin button. Use the following buttons within this list:

Create a bin for all other values

Use this box to create an entry in the Bins list called "All other values" and to display the dialog in which you can enter a name for this bin. This bin includes all values that have not yet been included in another bin in the list. You cannot edit the filter for this bin nor can you reorder it. It must be the last bin in the list.

Treat result as a numeric value or expression

Use this box to indicate that binned numeric values that you specify are treated as numbers, rather than as the default of text. For example, suppose that you specify 35 as the bin name. If you do not select this box, then the name is treated as text, rather than as the number 35 when it is displayed in views. If you select this box, then the value 35 is treated as a number, which affects operations that are specific to data types such as sorting.

Clear All

Use this button to remove the bins that you have created. When you click this button, a message prompts you to decide whether to keep the CASE statement in the formula on the Formula tab: