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Oracle® Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Help
11g Release 1 (11.1.1)
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Results tab: Create Target List editor

This editor is for users of Oracle's Siebel Life Sciences application integrated with Oracle's Siebel Life Sciences Analytics applications.

Use this editor of the "Analysis editor: Results tab" to edit a create target list view, which enables automatic integration of lists of contacts and accounts based on the results of an analysis. For example, you can create a target list in Oracle's Siebel Pharma Sales application and use it in Oracle's Siebel Pharma Mobile Analytics application.

When you add a create target list view, a link named Create Target List is displayed in an analysis on a user's interactive dashboard. The user can click this link to populate or refresh a list of contacts or accounts in the Life Sciences application.

For more information, see:


Create Target List

Use this link to create a target list.


The toolbar contains the buttons that are common to all views. For more information, see "Toolbar Buttons Common to All Views."


Use this button to save your edits and return to the compound layout view.


Use this button to restore the settings in effect prior to your edits.