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Oracle® Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Help
11g Release 1 (11.1.1)
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Results tab: Column Selector editor

Use this editor of the "Analysis editor: Results tab" to edit a column selector view. A column selector is a set of drop-down lists that contain pre-selected columns. Users can dynamically select columns and change the data that is displayed in the views of the analysis.

For more information, see "Editing Column Selector Views."


Include Selector

Use this box to specify whether a drop-down list is to be displayed for the column that contains this box.


Use this field to enter a label for this column in the selector.


Displays the columns that are to be displayed as the choices in the drop-down list for the column. To add a new column to a drop-down list, ensure that the column to which you want to add a new column is active by clicking it to highlight it. Then double-click the new column to add in the "Subject Areas pane."

Column Properties

Use this button to display the "Column Properties dialog" for the column.

Edit Formula

Use this button to display the "Edit Column Formula dialog" for the column.


Use this button to delete the column from the drop-down list.

Clear Choices

Use this link to clear all the columns that are selected to be displayed in the drop-down list, except for the first column that was selected for the analysis.


The toolbar contains the following buttons and boxes:


Use this button to save your edits and return to the compound layout view.


Use this button to restore the settings in effect prior to your edits.