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Oracle® Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Help
11g Release 1 (11.1.1)
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Column Properties dialog: Interaction tab

Use this tab of the "Column Properties dialog" to specify what you want to happen when the user clicks a column heading or value (for example, the user can click a column value to drill down into the data that was summed to create the column value).

This dialog is also displayed as:

Hierarchical Level Properties dialog: Interaction tab

For more information, see:


Column Heading: Primary Interaction and Value: Primary Interaction

Use this box to specify what happens when you click either the column heading or a value in the column or hierarchy level. The values that are available depend on the type of column and on column heading versus value.

Specify channel

This field is displayed only if you select Send Master-Detail Events in the Primary Interaction field for a value.

Use this field to enter one or more channels on which data views are to send master-detail events. Note that the name of the channel is case sensitive.

Action Links

The Action Links area is displayed if you select Action Link from the Column Heading: Primary Interaction box or Value: Primary Interaction box.

Displays the action links that have been added to a column heading or value, including the text of the action links, the actions associated with the links, and whether the action links are always enabled or enabled conditionally.

Use this area to view and manage action links: