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Oracle® Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Help
11g Release 1 (11.1.1)
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Column Properties dialog: Conditional Format tab

Use this tab of the "Column Properties dialog" to add a condition to a column or hierarchy level. You specify a condition to affect the formatting of values based on certain criteria. The formatting that you specify for a column or hierarchy level on this tab is visible in any view that can display data and its formatting, except for graphs, funnel graphs, and gauges. For information on conditional formatting in graphs, see "Graph Formatting Based on Columns."

This dialog is also displayed as:

Hierarchical Level Properties dialog: Conditional Format tab
Conditional Formatting dialog

For more information, see "Applying Conditional Formatting to Tables, Pivot Tables, Performance Tiles, Graphs, and Trellises."


Add Condition

Use this button to begin the process of creating a conditional format by adding a condition to any type of column or to a hierarchy level.

When you access the "New Condition dialog" from the Conditional Format tab, the dialog shows the options that apply to conditional formats. For example, the Operator list contains the operators that are used in conditional formats, and you can apply presentation variables. For information on presentation variables, see "Using Variables."

When you have created a conditional format, you see it listed at the top of this tab. Use the buttons that are displayed with the conditional format to edit the condition, format the values, or delete the format.

Clear All

Use this button to delete from the tab any conditional formats that you have created. This button is available only when at least one format exists.