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Oracle® Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Help
11g Release 1 (11.1.1)
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Column Properties dialog: Column Format tab

Use this tab of the "Column Properties dialog" to modify how folder and column headings are displayed in the analysis and to specify how repeated values display in the column or hierarchy level.

This dialog is also displayed as:

Hierarchical Level Properties dialog: Level Format tab

For more information, see Chapter 7, "Formatting Analyses, Views, and Dashboard Pages."



Not available for hierarchy levels. Use this box to hide the column in the analysis. You can hide columns whose appearance adds no value to the analysis. Hidden columns do not affect the aggregation of the values. For example, you want to build an analysis that includes only customers located in Illinois. To build the proper filter, you must include the column called Customers.State. Because this column was added for filtering purposes, only, and its appearance adds no value to the analysis, then you can hide this column.

Folder Heading and Column Heading

Not available for hierarchy levels. Use these fields to view or modify the name of the folder or column that is provided by the repository in which the column resides. To modify this field, you must first select the Custom Headings box, then you can specify a different heading to use. To modify the heading's appearance, click the Edit Format button.

You can reference variables in the Folder Heading and Column Heading fields. For the syntax to use, see "What Is the Syntax for Referencing Variables?" For more information on variables, see "Using Variables."

Edit Format

Use this button to modify the corresponding heading's format. For example, you can modify the heading to be displayed in 14-point bold Helvetica font. Any formatting changes that you specify override the Oracle BI EE style sheet and any formatting preferences that you specified on the "Column Properties dialog: Style tab" for this column.

Custom Headings

Use this box to enable the Folder Heading and Column Heading fields for editing. The fields are read-only until you select this box.

Contains HTML Markup

If you are customizing the headings, use this option to work with HTML codes, as described in "Working with HTML Markup."

Show TimeZone

This box displays only for the columns and hierarchy levels that have the date/time data type. Use this box to include the Time Zone button with the column or hierarchy level. Click the box multiple times to move through the three different states. When the box is selected, the button is displayed. When the box is not selected, the button is not displayed. When the box appears to be not available, then the default system behavior is used.

The Time Zone button displays with the data column or hierarchy level in a view, and you can click the button to view the name of the display time zone. For more information about modifying the time zone, see "Display Time Zone" in "Column Properties dialog: Data Format tab."

Value Suppression

Use the buttons in this area to affect the display of repeating data values for the column or hierarchy level.

The data in one column or hierarchy level of a folder might be repeated in relation to rows of data in other columns or hierarchy levels in the folder. For example, if one column lists customer names and another column lists the regions that those customers are in, then the region data could be repeated for each customer row. You can choose to display duplicate data only once, or display it for every row. Displaying repeating or duplicated data only once can make a table somewhat easier to read, and can make distinctions in that data more apparent.

You can select one of the following buttons: