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Oracle® Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Help
11g Release 1 (11.1.1)
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Column Properties dialog

Use this dialog to:

This dialog is also displayed as:

Hierarchical Level Properties dialog

For more information, see:



Use the "Column Properties dialog: Style tab" to format the content of columns and hierarchy levels.

Column Format

Use the "Column Properties dialog: Column Format tab" to modify how folder and column headings are displayed in the analysis and to specify how repeated values display in the column.

Data Format

Use the "Column Properties dialog: Data Format tab" to override the data's default display characteristics.

Conditional Format

Use the "Column Properties dialog: Conditional Format tab" to add a condition, or filter, to the column or hierarchy level.


Use the "Column Properties dialog: Interaction tab" to specify what you want to happen when the user clicks a value for a column or hierarchy level.

Write Back

Use the "Column Properties dialog: Write Back tab" to set the properties of a column that enables it for writing back values from a table.

Save As Default

Use this button to affect the default property settings for columns and hierarchy levels, based on the specifications in this dialog. You need the appropriate privileges to save the properties as a systemwide default.

Click OK to save these properties for this column or hierarchy level in this analysis only.

The Save as Default button applies slightly differently to the various tabs of this dialog: