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Oracle® Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Help
11g Release 1 (11.1.1)
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Graph Properties dialog: General tab

Use this tab of the "Graph Properties dialog" to set properties related to the graph canvas, such as legend location.

For more information, see:


Canvas Width

Use this field to enter the width of the graph canvas in pixels.

Canvas Height

Use this field to enter the height of the graph canvas in pixels.

Legend Location

Use this box to specify whether a legend is to be displayed and its location. Select one of the following options:

To help maintain the readability of legends, the following items will be omitted from the legend label:

Zoom and Scroll

This component is not supported for radar, funnel, and pie graphs.

Use this area to specify whether to enable zooming and scrolling on the horizontal and vertical axes:

When you enable zooming and scrolling for an axis, the Zoom button (from which you can zoom and scroll) is displayed in the graph area when you hover the mouse over the graph.

For more information on how to zoom and scroll, see "Zooming and Scrolling in Graphs."

Listen to Master-Detail Events

Use this box to specify whether the graph is to act as a detail view in a master-detail relationship and listen for master-detail events. If you select this box, then complete the Event Channels field.

For more information on master-detail relationships, see "What Is Master-Detail Linking of Views?"

Event Channels

This field is enabled only if you select the Listen to Master-Detail Events box.

Use this field to enter one or more channels on which the graph is to listen for master-detail events raised by one or more master views. The channel name is case sensitive and must match exactly the channel name specified in the master view. Separate channels with commas, for example, channel a, channel b.

Include Null Values

Use this check box to override null suppression set at the analysis level. (See "Understanding Null Suppression" for additional information.) When selected for the graph view, null values will not be suppressed for the graph rows that contain all nulls. The graph must have a Group By drop target or must be a funnel or pie graph. See "Understanding Drop Targets" for additional information.

Animate graph on Display

This box is not supported for funnel graphs.

Use this box to specify whether to show an initial rendering effect. The rendering effect varies from graph to graph. In a horizontal graph, for example, the bars start at the horizontal axis and move up to the current measurement level.

If this box is selected for a graph, and you add a section slider, then this box is deselected automatically because animation across pages is not supported for a section slider.