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Oracle® Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Help
11g Release 1 (11.1.1)
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Catalog pane

Use this pane to add objects from the Oracle BI Presentation Catalog to analyses, dashboards, and so on. The objects available for you to add depend on the task that you are performing. For example, if you are creating:

This pane is displayed in numerous places, including the tabs of the "Analysis editor," the "Dashboard builder," and the "New Calculated Item dialog."

For more information, see:



This box is not available in the Dashboard builder or the New Calculated Item dialog.

Use this box to select which objects to display in the Catalog Tree. The options can vary depending on whether the Catalog pane is displayed but can include the following:

Catalog Tree

Displays catalog objects that are appropriate for the task that you are currently performing and for which you have appropriate permissions.

Use this tree to:


This toolbar is available only in the Catalog pane displayed in the tabs of the Analysis editor.

The toolbar contains the following buttons: