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Oracle® Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Help
11g Release 1 (11.1.1)
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Add KPI dialog

Use this dialog to provide a label for a KPI usage or to pin (or set) the value of one or more KPI dimensions. You can pin a KPI to one or more values.

Pinning is optional. Typically, it is best not to pin most of the dimensions so that the data is controlled by the point of view settings. See "What Are Dimensions and Pinned Dimension Values?" for additional information about pinning.

You pin values of KPI dimensions, for example, when you add a KPI to one of the following tables:

When you view the KPI, the data displayed is determined by the dimension values that you selected.

This dialog also displays as:

Edit Watchlist Entry dialog


KPI Name

Displays the name of the saved KPI that you are adding (for example, Revenue KPI).

Subject Area

Displays the name of the subject area that contains the KPI dimension or dimensions.


This box is not available for a dimension whose value has been set in the KPI.

Use this box to specify one or more dimension values. Consider the following options:


Use this field to enter a user-friendly, descriptive KPI name to display in the watchlist or the Objectives & KPIs table.


If you select a specific value or multiple values for a dimension, rather than the Use Point-of-View option, then enter a label that describes the pinning. For example, if you select Central for the Region dimension, you might enter Sales Central Region.