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Oracle® Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Help
11g Release 1 (11.1.1)
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Open dialog

Use this dialog to open objects, select objects, or save objects.

This dialog is also displayed as:

Choose Delivery Content dialog
Create New Folder dialog
Save dialog
Save Action dialog
Save Action As dialog
Save Agent dialog
Save As dialog
Save Selection Steps dialog
Select dialog
Select Action dialog
Select Agent Location dialog
Select Analysis dialog
Select an Object from the BI Catalog dialog
Select BI Content For Action dialog
Select Condition dialog
Select Dashboard dialog
Select Existing Action dialog
Select Existing Agent dialog
Select KPI dialog
Select a KPI dialog
Select Location dialog
Select Request dialog
Select Scorecard Location dialog



Use this pane to select a folder in the Oracle BI Presentation Catalog to display in the Open In or Save In area.

Show Folder Tree

Displays the catalog folders in a tree structure.

Show Favorites

Displays your favorite folders in the Folder pane.

Open In or Save In

Displays the folder that is selected in the Folders pane and its contents.

You can save any object in any location. However, the Save In field sometimes recommends the best location based on the object type that you are saving. For example, you should save filters, groups, and calculated items within a subject area folder so that these items are available when you build an analysis for the same subject area. If a subject area folder does not exist in your /My Folders or within /Shared Folders, then a subject area folder is created automatically. The "Save In" field defaults a save path to /My Folders/Subject Area Contents/<subject area>, however, the dialog's Folders area displays all instances of the subject area folder in the catalog.

You can save other objects such as analyses, prompts, and conditions in any folder. Bear in mind the distinctions between shared and personal folders, when deciding whether to share the object that you are saving with other users.


Selects the folder that is one level higher in the folder structure.

New Folder

Adds a new empty folder under the folder that is specified in the Open In or Save In field.

Change list view type

Displays the following options to change the view of the list:


Use this box to specify the name of the object to open, select, or save.

To specify the name of the object, do one of the following:

The name is displayed in the tree structure when a user moves the mouse over the object.


Use this field to enter a description of the object.

Descriptions are displayed when administrators use the Oracle Business Intelligence Catalog Manager. Descriptions for analyses are helpful when including them on dashboard pages.

Replace analysis in <dashboard name>

This box displays if you are viewing a dashboard, click the embedded analysis' Analyze or Edit link, edit the analysis, and select Save As in the "Analysis editor" toolbar to save and rename the analysis.

Use this box to include the modified analysis on the dashboard from which you accessed it for editing.

Display Label

Available only for selection steps.

Use this field to enter the label for the group when it is displayed in a view. The display label can differ from the name of the group as it is saved in the catalog.


Available only for selection steps.

Click this button to save the selection steps for a group. The results of the selection are refreshed at runtime.


Available only for groups.

Click this button to save a group as a list of members, rather than as a list of steps.

Replace current action (or steps, or condition) with a reference to the saved action (or group, or condition)

Use this box in the following situations:

Select this box to replace the reference with the saved action, group, or condition. Deselect this box to maintain the reference to the action, group, or condition.